Driving School for Teenagers


Here Is Some Notes and Legal Requirements Before You Go On:

The minimum requirement set by the DMV for Driver's Education is thirty 50-minute sessions of classroom instruction or a DMV-approved Online course of study. The minimum requirement set by the DMV for Driver's Training is a six-hour program of behind the wheel training, taught by a licensed DMV instructor.

"I am approaching 15½ years old. What should I do now?"
You can start anytime, though you WILL have to wait until you are 15½ before you may obtain your permit from the DMV.
Take Driver's Education online at Nik Driving school. We offer comprehensive Driver Education course through www.driversedonthenet.com At the end of the course you will be given a completion certificate.
To Obtain a Permit, fill out a DL44 (application for a license/permit), have both of your parents sign it.
- If you are 17 1/2, present your birth certificate, Social Security card, pay the fee and pass the permit test.
- If you are 15 1/2 (but under 17 1/2), present a Driver's Education Completion Certificate (400 C (rev 03/2011)), original birth certificate (this has purple ink or the state seal embossed on it – NO COPIES!), Social Security number (though if you have your card, it is our experience that it is best to have it with you), the current fee, glasses if you need them and pass the permit test.
The DMV WILL be taking your picture on this day, so be prepared for that. 
You must have a DL-44 signed by both parents (or guardians) who have legal (though not necessarily physical) custody of you. The student should NOT sign the application until he or she is at the DMV and instructed to do so. (The DMV employee has to watch you sign the form) Be sure to sign your legal name. (No nicknames – and it is a good idea to have established your consistent and legible signature by this time) Check your permit for errors while still at the DMV. If your name, birth-date or address is not correct, let the DMV employee knowimmediately. Be sure to bring your passport or original birth certificate (the official birth certificate is issued by the registrar of the county/city in which you were born, not the hospital 'birth certicicate!) If the DMVemployee has any problem with your paperwork, before you leave the DMV, call us!
We are open whenever they are, and can be reached at (818) 776 9 775. The test is tough, but if you can pass our final exam, it will be easy for you. Do Not take the test lightly! There are 46 questions on the DMV test, and you must wait a week to try again if you miss more than eight*. Read every question completely.
Driver's Training (B-W-T) Driver's Training is accomplished in a vehicle with a licensed DMV instructor. (No, your parent cannot legally do this). It can be taken any day of the week with an appointment. (These may be made for the same day when our schedules permit.) Appointments are more difficult to make during holidays, so call early to get the appointments best for you, if you want them then. Keep in mind though, we will not schedule a teenager who does not currently possess a valid permit.
Note: The six-hours of training requires three days, driving two hours per day to complete. We do not make one-hour appointments. Driver's Training does not automatically cover freeway driving and parallel parking. Once the student masters basic driving skills, freeway driving and parallel parking may be included, if time permits, at the discretion of the instructor.
Practice, Practice, Practice! You must be 16 years old and have completed at least 50 hours of practice, (ten of which are at night) with a licensed driver over 25 years of age to be eligible for your provisionallicense. The DMV will require your parent or guardian's signature on your permit, along with his or her license number as proof that this has been done. You must also hold your permit for a minimum of six months before you are eligible to receive a license.
Take the DMV Behind the Wheel Test! Call  1(800) 777-0133 to schedule your behind the wheel test. It usually requires two weeks notice to book the test. The DMVs in this area are usually open Monday through Friday, as well as the third Saturday of each month. We recommend the Santa Monica DMV to our students. Bring your permit (signed by your parent), Driver Training Completion certificate, your registration and your insurance card. Rest up. Make sure you have practiced in an area similar to the DMV of your choice so you are familiar with the type of driving you will be tested on. Do NOT drive on the route before the test, nor ask our instructors to take you on the route. (This is illegal). The examiner knows you are nervous. Pay attention to road signs. Don't sweat the small mistakes. Stay calm. Few teenspass on the first try, so do not think you are unusual if you fail. (Usually, it is a matter of obtaining more practice) If you have not completed your fifty hours with your parents, this will be apparent to the examiner. Parallel parking and freeway driving are not part of the current test. (But you should be familiar with both.)
You are a Licensed Driver! For the first 12 months of your provisional license, you may not drive with anyone under 20 or drive between the hours of 11PM and 5:00 AM, unless a licensed driver over 25 is in the car with you. (There are exceptions for family members.)

Behind the Wheel Training

If your city or zipcode not found means we don't serve that are. Please call us at (818) 776-9775 for more information.